KUKU PANDA is global lifestlye brand that spread comfortable and sexy idea. We are working hard to satisfied our audience while dressing beautiful and comfortable at the sametime.


Founded in 2019, by 3 young people who spare no effort to bring comfortable and sexy panties to women all over the world. We retail sell golbally of KUKU PANDA brand product and distributed in over 20 countries. 

We believe that no one should have to make choice for either sexy or comfortable underwear. It’s the KUKU PANDA way to ensure that our customers feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin. With an uplifting personality weaved into every garment, we’ll take care of the fashion, all that’s left to do is for you to feel happy! 



We want to make you feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin, by delivering a drawer full of fun, fizz and satisfied vibes. With an uplifting personality weaved into every undergarment, we'll take care of the fashion, you just feel your happiness!